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Bloom Energy Founder, Chairman and CEO KR Sridhar and VP of Global Data Centers Jeffrey Barber Honored With iMasons 2023 IM100 Award

Dual Leadership Win Recognizes Outstanding Contributions Across Mission-Critical Digital Infrastructure Sector

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Bloom Energy Founder, Chairman, and CEO, KR Sridhar, and Vice President of Global Data Centers, Jeffrey Barber, have both been awarded the prestigious Infrastructure Masons 2023 IM100 Award. The dual distinction praises their visionary contributions to developing alternative energy solutions to support the increasing power needs across the digital infrastructure ecosystem and their unwavering commitment to building a digital future.

The IM100 Award acknowledges the top 100 individuals contributing to the data center infrastructure sector in meaningful and measurable ways, setting new standards for sustainable, educational and innovative practices. The award honors both Sridhar and Barber’s contributions toward delivering reliable and sustainable power for the digital economy, especially in the face of growing energy demands spurred by artificial intelligence (AI) and high-density workloads.

This iMasons recognition celebrates the success of Bloom's Green Notes program, which has secured over $250 million for clean energy data center projects globally, and highlights the pivotal roles that Sridhar and Barber have played in Bloom’s growth within the data center vertical. Sridhar's leadership in inclusivity and community involvement has been a cornerstone in creating a diverse workforce, while Barber's deep industry expertise has been crucial in addressing sustainability, skyrocketing energy demands and power challenges presented by the expansion of AI and global power constraints.

“The use of AI is growing rapidly across all segments of our society," Sridhar said during Bloom’s recent earnings call. “This will exponentially increase energy demand in data centers over the next decade.” Sridhar noted that the acceleration of AI adoption and demand for compute power, combined with the imbalance in grid reliability, is creating a strong case for timely and reliable primary power.

In addition, the iMasons IM100 Award testifies to Bloom's dedication to driving innovation and sustainability in the digital infrastructure space. With the recent launch of the company’s Series 10 offering, Bloom has set a new industry standard for reliable and sustainable power solutions, providing at least 10MW of guaranteed, always-on power at a flat rate and a short, 5-year term — a critical feature for data centers facing complex growing power demands and net-zero goals.

“Winning the iMasons IM100 Award is a tremendous honor for KR, Bloom and myself,” said Jeffery Barber, VP of Global Data Centers. “It symbolizes not just our past achievements but foreshadows the impact we hope to bring to the industry, setting new benchmarks for reliable, resilient and sustainable power. We look forward to collaborating with iMasons and its members to pave the path ahead for future generations." 

The complete list of IM100 winners spans 15 countries and 68 companies and can be found here. For more information about Bloom Energy for data centers, visit our website.

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