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Bloom Energy successfully delivers low-emission power to western Europe’s largest onshore oil field

Fuel cells now supporting baseload requirements of Perenco’s Wytch Farm in UK

Bloom’s growing international market expansion has hit a new and important milestone—the company has successfully commissioned the first phase of 600kW fuel cell project at Perenco’s Wytch Farm site in Dorset, United Kingdom.

The progress made at the largest onshore oil field in western Europe reflects a pivotal moment for Bloom Energy as the project represents the company’s first Energy Server on a skid commissioned internationally. This successfully demonstrated solution will support the site’s baseload power requirements and will continue to drive Bloom’s future business growth in the UK and beyond.

Additionally, the project’s adherence to and compliance with the UK’s most stringent Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) regulations offers a helpful reference point for planning and permitting authorities evaluating the safety and environmental aspects of future Bloom Energy installations across the country.

“The Energy Server system is now exporting at their rated capacity and exceeding the guaranteed efficiency,” explained Tim Schweikert, Head of International Sales for Bloom. “We congratulate the Bloom team and thank Perenco for their partnership. We look forward to future, positive steps in this important project.”

“Wherever we work, we are committed to reducing the impact of our operations. With Bloom Energy, and its innovative and cleaner power, we are pleased to have moved from signing to commissioning the first phase of the solid oxide fuel system at Wytch Farm in under a year.” said Armel Simondin, Perenco CEO. “This is a clear statement of our intent, and we look forward to providing updates on similar milestones from across the group in the future.”

Bloom signed the agreement with Perenco to install 2.5 megawatts (MW) of Bloom Solid Oxide Fuel cells in England last year. The project marks the first commercial deployment of Bloom Fuel cell technology in the United Kingdom

Perenco’s Wytch Farm Site in Dorset, is a designated COMAH site, located within the Dorset area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Purbeck Heritage Coast, and special areas of conservation.

For more information about the project, please read the June 2023 press release detailing Bloom’s groundbreaking agreement with Perenco.

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