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New Online Film Series Includes Bloom Energy Among Energy Transition Innovators

“Humanising Energy” profiles the people behind the groundbreaking technologies that are making the clean energy transition happen around the world.
Bloom Energy-Bonney Shehadey-Steve Shehadey

The world is moving inexorably toward a more sustainable energy future. While much has been said about the technologies that are the foundation of this transition, little has been said about the people driving the changes.

“Humanising Energy,” a series of 12 short films, spotlights the organizations and communities embracing the move towards more renewable sources of energy, like those at Bar 20 Dairy Farms in Kerman, Calif. The Bar 20 film follows owner Steve Shehadey and his daughter Bonney, as they discuss the challenges and opportunities of running their multi-generational dairy business. The Bloom Energy project, winner of the American Biogas Council's “Project of the Year” and the 2022 US Dairy Sustainability award, uses renewable biogas from the farm’s cows to provide all the electricity needed to run the operations.

The film is presented by the World Energy Council and produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions for Bloom Energy. The series is the outcome of two organizations with rich 100-year histories shining a light on today’s rapidly changing energy landscape and showcasing clean and inclusive energy transitions around the world.

Dr. Angela Wilkinson, Secretary General and CEO of the World Energy Council, said, “The debate around clean energy transitions too often talks about grand roadmaps at a macro-level and leaves out the human element of stories across the world and what people are doing right now. The “Humanising Energy” series fills this gap by bringing people back to the center of the conversation and demonstrating how diverse communities are responding to the challenges of climate change.”

The film can be viewed here:

Bloom Energy-Bar 20-Cows

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